donderdag 4 april 2013

The North Face and Avventura

With this post I would like to bring the news that from now on I have a new brand and a climbing store who will support me in my climbing and on my next trips. With a lot of fun trips and new goals in the future they will help me to make all this come true. 

I would not be lying if I say that The North Face is one of the most famous outdoor brands. Everybody knows it as an innovating brand always ready to develop their gear more to the needs of the outdoor people and especially the climbers. I’m excided to go out climbing this summer with the help of their technical gear. 
Avventura is one of the first outdoor stores Belgian climbers could enjoy. The first store was opened in Gent and started really small but fast became popular due to the large offer in climbing gear. Soon after that two other Avventura stores opened in Brugge and Brussels. I like the store because of the same spirit we share. Making the Belgian climbing world live and spread out ideas and information about climbing and all its possibility’s. Like I already said a couple of times, climbing is more then a sport and is rich in all its facilities. 

From now on just until September I will be travelling a little more again, so much projects and so much new areas I want to visit. This summer the dolomites and Chamonix are waiting on me. I’m excited to go back to the mountains and try out my ice axes and crampons on some snowy approaches. 
For the moment I’m travelling too, but where and with whom I will make you clear the next post. 


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