In this page I tried to make a small resume of my experiences and performances of the last two years.

Summer trip US and Canada (July and August 2010)

Squamish (BC, Canada)
It was at this climbing area at an age of 18 that I learned the techniques of traditional climbing, crack climbing techniques and climbing of multi-pitches.
Rifle (Colorado, US)
In this sport climbing area I climbed a lot of routes in the grade 8 with as best performance 'Roadside Prophet' (8b+).

US Road trip up to Canada (January until August 2011)

The last months of 2010 I worked and saved enough money to realize a dream, as a young climber I went all alone to America to live out my passion. I bought a Chevy Van and made a road trip through the unknown North-America to find new goals and discover myself.

Hueco Tanks (Texas, US)
A first class boulder area where I climbed a lot of 7c+'s and my first 8a 'The Flame.' At the end of my visit to Hueco Tanks I concord a forth place at the Hueco Tanks Rock Rodeo, a famous rock climbing competition/event.
Red Rocks (Las Vegas, US)
Here I did some sport climbing and was present at the 'Red Rock Rendez-vous', a climbing event for climbers of all levels. I also won a local bouldering competition in Las Vegas during my visit.
Bishop (California, US)The famous and amazing bouldering area with tons of big granite boulders. Here I bouldered two weeks and pushed my limits climbing on granite boulders.
Indian Creek (Utah, US)
In this 'crack climbing' mecca I developed the finest technical crack climbing skills and learned to trust the tiniest gear I placed myself. I pushed my level in this new climbing style very quickly and realized a couple of hard lines. My best performance was the free-climbing of 'Air- Swedin' 5.13aR (7c+ Runout).
Joe's Valley (Utah, US)
To keep climbing in all styles I did some bouldering again in a beautiful area in the high dessert of Utah.
Zion (Utah, US)
I only stayed a couple of days in this multi-pitch climbing paradise but climbed some nice lines. Due to rainstorms I had to leave. 
Yosemite (California, US)
The 'Big Wall' paradise of North-America. I stayed here for about one month and climbed most of the classic lines. Those were my first experiences climbing vertical walls of 600 meter high. Besides the ascends of multi-pitches like 'Astroman' and the first 20 pitches of 'Freerider' in one day I also climbed some single pitches like 'Separate Reallity'. Of this last one you can find a little movie on this website:
Smith Rock (Oregon, US)
Crack climbing and sport climbing came together in this amazing basalt climbing area.
Trout Creek (Oregon, US)
The thinest cracks on basalt pillars learned me how painful but still beautiful this style is.
Index (Washington, US)
Another granite climbing area with again a completely different style of climbing and lots to discover.
Squamish (BC, Canada)
The place where everything for me started, I returned with a higher level and a lot more experience in traditional- and crack climbing. 

Here I tried one of the most difficult cracks in the world, 'Cobracrack' (8b+), together with Mason Earl. Despite a lot of effort I couldn't realise this stunning line, it stays a project for a next trip.
Bugaboos (BC, Canada)
My first real mountain experiences, with approaches through snow and ice I climbed several classic multi-pitches and pushed the limits of my physical condition.

South-America (January until May 2012)

Canaima National Park (Venezuela)
The first ascend of the amazingly steep big wall on Amuri Tepuy where we opened a new line named 'Kids with Guns' behind the waterfall Tuyuren. With a grade of 5.13a (7c+), A3, E6 6c. Not to forget that the oldest of the team was 23 years old. A team of kids who climbed a big wall.
Piedras Paradas (Argentina)
Here I opened routes with the international Petzl team for the Petzl Rock Trip in November 2012.
Frey (Argentina)
A granite trad-climbing area where I did the third ascent of 'El Techo de Frey' (7c+). A steep crack that has been tried a lot by strong climbers. I did this line together with Sean Villanueva O'driscoll who was my companion during my trip in Argentina.
Tuzgle (Argentina)
At a height of 4200 meters you find the dessert of the volcano Tuzgle with hundreds of boulders, cracks and sport climbing routes. It's an unknown area hard to get to, but it has some high class climbing in every discipline.
Baringha (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) After a little rest of a week I climbed at the end of my trip in this sport climbing area two 8b's, 8a and an 8a+ on sight.

Valle dell'Orco – Italy (August 2012)
The last week of August I left together with Séan Villanueva O'Driscoll for the amazing Orco valley in Italy. We were not planning just to climb around but we had a clear goal. This one traditional line that is considered to be one of Europe's most difficult crack climb. Greenspit (8b/+) is a hard roof crack on a big granite boulder in the Orco valley. After a week of working out the amazingly physical and still technical moves I realised to climb Greenspit free while placing the protection. This line has been climbed only a hand full of times by really strong climbers.

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