vrijdag 20 april 2012

On our way to Tuzgle, San Juan Calle 11!

Five days ago I left Bariloche together with Sean and Paulita Jones towards Tuzgle. We stopped half way in San Juan to visit friends of Sean and climb in a limestone canyon called 'Calle 11'. This was a good plan since the bus ride to Tuzgle is three days. As soon as we arrived in San Juan we went back in to the silence of nature again. Together with Turco (nickname, like everybody has a nickname here) and Flor from San Juan we climbed two days in Calle 11.

This climbing area is really small and not so known but really interesting. It is the most polished rock a ever climbed on. The first time you climb on it you think it's a joke but if you give it some time it becomes interesting in the feet and balance. The nicest climbs where the limestone cracks, a completely different style as the granite cracks we did in Frey. The cracks are hard to protect and require another style of protection. Camalots dare to slip unless they are placed like a nut.

Tonight we will make our way towards Tuzgle where we meet up with a lot of other friends including Nico and his girlfriend.

I have to say that I love the hospitality of the Argentinians! Amazing how everybody helps you here!


Wat leuk dat je zo'n fijne mensen ontmoet!
En die natuur daar!!!!
Genieten maar want ons Belgiƫ-land
heeft niet zo veel te bieden.

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