maandag 16 mei 2011

In Zion, Utah but without climbing!

I’ve spent two days in Zion right now! I still didn’t climb because I can’t find a climbing partner. The guy were I normally should have climbed with today, Arturro from St George, fell with his mountain bike yesterday so he can’t climb anymore.

Yesterday I walked around trough the whole canyon, I saw the climbs I would like to climb. Moonlight Buttress looks amazing, it motivated me even more!
I’ve already a lot of contacts now here in Springdale. Now it’s just a matter of time to wait until some local has time to climb.

Today I went to Bryce Canyon, 1.5 hour north from Zion. It was beautiful but I still feel frustrated because I couldn’t climb while I’m in an amazing multipitch sandstone area! Enjoy some of my pictures from the view of a tourist!


Kijken mag ,aankomen niet.

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Bike Tour in Zion

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