dinsdag 12 april 2011

One line world!

Long time ago! A week ago I arrived in Indian creek, Utah. Because the nearest city is Moab and is still one hour drive away from Indian Creek, this is the first time I can use the internet.

I need to make it short because of a lack of time, belief it or not!

After leaving my good friends, Tom and Mike, behind in Bishop I got in my car for a 12 hour drive to Indian Creek. I did it in two days because it’s a bit safer when you drive alone.

Once I arrived in Indian Creek I was just blown away and so impressed about the nature and the environment. I think one of my favorite places in nature is the dessert, it’s just so silent and peaceful!

I climbed first three days on and then two days on. Hard! I’m really tired now and my hands are completely destroyed! But I like the crack climbing so I don’t care about pain now!

I love crack climbing, it’s more than always the same moves. There is more variety in crack climbing then you would think. The first day I tried a 5.10 hand crack of 40 meters long. I fell a couple of times and had a hard time! Grades are a different thing in crack climbing compared to sport climbing. It’s way harder. By now I already did some harder cracks and real finger cracks! I love it, it only hurts. Every day my hands and fingers are swollen. I tried a nice thin hands to finger crack called ‘Power Line’ 5.12. It was pretty hard, I need to be a little more experienced to be able to do that crack.

Yesterday I did a couple of 5.11’s and 5.11+’es. Hard day. Slowly I’m pushing the limit. I feel I’m already jamming pretty well when I find a nice big hands crack. Everything depends of the crack size, I have really big hands so a lot of the thin hand cracks and finger cracks are really difficult with my giant meatball hands (like they call them)!

I don’t have much time any more so the closer experience of crack climbing I’ll tell you on my next blog post in a couple of days!

See y’all

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