zondag 22 augustus 2010

Rifle - Sportclimbing world again!

It has been a long time since I wrote something on my blog! The reason for it is because Rifle is far away from the real world where they have phones and internet :).

Rifle is a beautiful place for sportclimbing, a lot of hard routes and a lot of different styles! The first week I climbed in Rifle wasn't that good because I was sick and coudn't climb with al my strength. Altough I did a lot of different and nice classic routes.

The rithme of climbing I have for the moment is quite high. The last two weeks I only took two restdays! From the moment I did two 8a's on a day I knew my strength was comming back. From then I did two 8a+'s and one 8b.

For the moment I'm trying Zulu, the hardest 8b+ in the canyon. The following days I also gonna try Roadside Prophet, the same grade but seems to me an awsome route! I'll see what it brings!

Rifle canyon is one of the hardest limestone canyons I ever climbed at. It's really hard to onsight routes, so that brings a new goal. Try as many onsights I can!

Time's up!


Sounds nice, being far away from the real world. Miss you! Sis

en ik maar hopen dat je opgegeten zou zijn door een panter want dat zou ik wel heel cool vinden

allez hallez
nog fun fun fun fun daar


Van Hee, eet op tijd ne pistolée he, zeg hebben ze daar ook echt gemalen amerikaans vlees??
Cola in ieder geval genoeg, die 2 samen = kampioenenontbijt!!

Hey Siebe here some greetings from the real world. Nice to hear about your progress. Keep us posted!!!

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